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Butt Lift Recovery Time Houston

October 14, 2015

A butt lift is a form of cosmetic surgery in which the saggy skin of your buttock is tightened. It gives your butt a more defined and well-toned profile. Generally butt lifts are carried out alone, however you might consider getting your butt lift done with a combination of other surgical procedures such as abdominoplasty and a thigh lift. It all depends upon your individual physique and its respective requirements. You are the ideal candidate for a butt lift if you have excessive and saggy skin along your buttocks. Just like facelifts, body lifts and in particular buttock lift is a complicated procedure and you need to be really careful not only before the surgery but after it as well if you want to avoid any complications and end up with successful results.

Although buttock lift has now become a common aesthetic procedure, yet the patient is prone to feel some discomfort after the surgery. Although the level of this discomfort can be controlled with the help of medications prescribed by your doctor, yet post-operative care is essential at your end as well.

The Recovery Period for Butt lift

After the surgery you might encounter a certain level of swelling. This is very natural and you need not fret about it. This swelling will take a couple of weeks to eventually subside. The exact time period of course depends upon the extent of your surgery as well as your natural healing ability. However, any candidates interested in getting this surgery done ought not to worry about the downtime required to recover. It is not very long and you can go outdoors and enjoy all sorts of activities pretty soon as long as you make sure that you do not injure your newly grafted cells.

Wearing Compression Garments during the Recovery Period:

An important thing to note at this juncture is that butt lifts are apparently a little different from other body lifts in the sense that you are required to wear a compression garment during the entire recovery period. Although, you might want to take it off while showering.

The purpose behind the wearing of compression garments during the recovery period is to provide support to your back area as well as avoid agitation in your buttocks.

Initially those activities which propel your fat to burn ought to be avoided in the first couple of weeks following the surgery so that the newly grafted cells are not disturbed. However, after a while other weight-training exercises can be done.

Given below is a detailed timeline giving you a good enough idea of the various milestone which you might encounter in your recovery period.

1st and 2nd Weeks

For the first couple of weeks, the patients ought to avoid sitting for longer than few minutes so that direct pressure is not put onto your butt muscles. You should only sit when it is utterly necessary and cannot be avoided. Even then, place a cushion underneath your buttocks in order to avoid putting a lot of pressure on them.

Also, when lying down you ought to position yourself in such a way that you are either on your sides or your stomach. This is done so that your posterior doesn’t get excessive pressure on it and as a consequence doesn’t get strained. Yet, you should begin walking as soon as the operation is done so that you can avoid the probability of developing blood clots. However, take light walks and avoid brisk walking.

3rd Week

Generally it is observed that patients return to their respective jobs after approximately three weeks. Even then, it is highly preferable that you use a soft cushion to sit on. In this week too you should avoid straining your posterior by lying onto your backside.

Light exercises and cardiovascular activities can be embarked upon from this week onwards. Yet, doctors recommend that you go for weight-training exercises instead of fat-burning activities during this period.

4th and 5th Weeks

During these weeks, the patients should continue deploying a soft cushion to sit on, particularly if you are sitting for prolonged periods of time. In this week you may begin other exercises which are slightly more intensive than walking such as cycling and brisk walking. You may also resume swimming but when tired, it is preferred that you lie onto your stomach to relax your body.

6th, 7th and 8th Weeks

This is the time when your recovery would almost be complete and you can function like your pre-operative self. However, your individual progress might differ and you can always consider consulting your surgeon for a professional opinion on the progress rate of your recovery.

By this time, your fat cells would most likely have stabilized themselves and you can now embark upon more vigorous activities than before since now your butt fat cells might be able to withstand more pressure. Also, jogging and running would also be okay after the 8th week since stabilized fat cells would be able to bear the impact of fat-burning exercises. Playing outdoor sports such as soccer and football is also permitted after these weeks.

End Notes for Butt Lift Recovery:

If you want your butt lift to be successful then there are certain things which you need to take into consideration. The first and foremost of these is your choice of surgeon. With the rapid popularity of this aesthetic procedure, various surgeons with varying levels of experience and skill are carrying out this cosmetic surgery. Make sure that you pick out an experienced and accomplished surgeon.

The next important thing is to pay heed to your surgeon’s instructions about the recovery period. It is of vital importance that you maintain a balance between rest and activities so that the newly grafted fat cells have a chance to stabilize themselves and thus survive. Also, care should be taken to avoid your surgical incisions from being subjected to abrasion, force and excessive motion during the recovery period. Follow your surgeon’s instructions and have a safe and swift butt lift recovery.

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