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Buttock Augmentation Recovery Time

June 1, 2015

If you decide to get a buttock augmentation you should be prepared to take a good two to three weeks off of work and duties. Each buttock augmentation has its own special instructions for recovery but all have many things in common. For one the area of the buttocks is very delicate. No matter what type of augmentation you are getting this area is prone to both infection and separation. This is because there is so much pressure on the skin around the buttocks that it can cause the skin to pull tightly enough to separate and tear the stitches until fully healed.

To prevent tearing and infection you can do a couple of things. First you should wear whatever support garment is provided to you by your doctor. This garment should be worn at all times no matter how well you are feeling. This is for the safety of your body and will help you heal. Just because you are wearing a support garment does not mean you should take on any work or activities that are strenuous. In the first few days after surgery you will more than likely want to just lie in bed and rest. After the first few days you might feel a little bit better but no matter how well you are feeling you should not attempt to do any heavy lifting, or fast, or prolonged movement.

Your doctor will provide you with instructions on cleansing the area. Chances are you will have some bandages that will need to be changed. It is important to change the bandages as needed to prevent infection because this area is very prone to bacteria and infection. Since it is such a danger area you should make your best efforts to keep the area clean and dry. Your doctor may also provide you with medications. Once again no matter how well you feel make sure and use all of your medications as prescribed. The doctor knows the amount of medication you will need to recovery so use it until it is gone and if a refill is required do not hesitate. It is important to follow all instructions on the medication when it comes to application and length of time between.

Your doctor will also ask you to come into the office for a follow up appointment. Most people are released to their home after a day in the recovery unit. They are then asked to come back to the doctors after normally a week or so for a follow up. It is important you do not skip your follow up or reschedule it. Your doctor needs to see how you are healing and at this point will prescribe more medication or make suggestions. The follow up is important because this is where the doctor will check the integrity of the skin and will be able to tell whether or not the area has become infected and if the healing process needs more time or if you are moving along as you should.

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