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Aging and Anti-Aging

Aging is a natural process that has to be experienced by all human beings. It is mainly brought about by deterioration of cells. Cell deterioration also occurs when the person is young, however at that juncture one’s body is strong and is capable of new cell production and growth. However, this capability of new cell generation gradually decreases as the person moves up the ladder of age. This is when the process of aging kicks off.

Youth is generally associated with beautiful, glowing skin; betraying all signs of young vitality. However, over exposure to the sun can easily affect the quality of your skin. Although, there are various preventive measures for this such as the application of sun screen and wearing protective clothing, however once the damage has been done, one has to look for alternative techniques to redress this damage.

What are the causes of wrinkles, apart from sun exposure?

These causes have been given below:

  • Muscular Action

Your underlying muscles are constantly in motion. These continuous movements also prompt your skin to be modified and thus form lines in your skin.

  • Modification in your dermal constituents

A junction is formed between dermis and epidermis as the person begins to age. This is also a very potent cause for wrinkles.

  • Modification in your skin’s elasticity

Age tends to distend those lines which keep your skin taut and thus wrinkles are formed.

Generally, these processes tend to speed up as the person crosses the age of sixty.

Since centuries, man has been looking for the elixir of youth since most of us want to appear younger than we actually are. Owing to this very reason, the domain of anti-aging skin care has grown progressively through the years.

All those techniques which seek to prevent, slow and ultimately reverse the aging process come under this inclusive term of anti-aging skin care. Now, you can come across a multitude of anti-aging treatments. Some of these include lasers, peels, moisturizing agents, fillers etc. Most of these treatments are successful in retaining or restoring the youthful vitality of your skin. Moreover, these treatments also claim to fight any probable risks of skin cancer.

What is the objective of anti-aging treatments?

These treatments and procedures mainly aim for the removal of all aging signs from one’s skin. These aging signs not only include wrinkles but pigmentation and age spots as well. Moreover, these treatments also claim to restore the firmness of your skin as well as its youthful elasticity. The issue of skin, dryness, as well as the visibility of blood vessels can also be treated through these procedures.

Who is the ideal candidate for anti-aging treatments?

- Those patients whose skin appears to be dehydrated. Dehydration also reduces the production of collagen.

- Those people who skin has lost its natural tone and firmness.

- People with wrinkles on the surface of their skin. Wrinkles tend to be the first signs of aging. They may be present at the corners of the mouth, eyes, between eyebrows, on forehead etc.

- Double chin and visible bags present under the eyes can also be treated through these procedures.

How to select the ideal anti-aging skin care product?

More and more people want to stay young and beautiful and thus in order to cater to this growing demand, there is a wide array of anti-aging skin care products available out there. With so many different options available, it becomes difficult for a person to decide which skin-care product would work the best for him/her. Moreover, different products are meant to address different anti-aging issues. Therefore, before using any product it is strongly recommended that you visit a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. The doctor would examine your skin and other associated factors and after thorough examination would prescribe products which would work the best for you. Moreover, the doctor would also be able to determine your particular skin type and then recommend the appropriate skin care product for you.

Most products are meant to target specific skin types and thus it is very important that you get your skin consulted by a dermatologist. In fact, the use of an inappropriate product may even worsen your aging symptoms.

If the damage is minimal then many people are able to reverse it by the application of moisturizing agents, however, this doesn’t work in every case. As a corollary, others techniques such as dermal fillers and lasers are the last resort.

- Sunscreen and moisturizer: Your plastic surgeon will primarily recommend a sun screen and moisturizer for you according to your particular skin type. Both these products have proved to be the most effective anti-aging entities.

These products have to be applied daily so that they serve dual purposes; i.e. they slow down the aging process and prevent any skin damage. They may not necessarily be a treatment for wrinkles and other lines of aging, however, many good moisturizing agents now claim to reduce these lines as well.

It is recommended that you choose a water resistant sun screen which has a broad spectrum (SPF 30 or higher). Also, if you are in the sun then sun screen needs to be re-applied after two hours.

Qualities of a good Anti-aging skin care product:

Make sure that your anti-aging skin care product has the following traits.

- It ought to be Hypoallergenic.

- It should be Non-comedogenic (which means that it should not cause acne).

- It should be manufactured by a recognized and well-known laboratory.

Also, the patient ought to have realistic expectations from the surgery. They should understand that anti-aging treatment is not a miracle and will not make you appear 10 years younger instantly. Also, all signs of aging would not be eliminated entirely. The results yielded by these skin care products are modest enough but if you are seeking a more dramatic change, then you may have to consider other techniques such as a face-lift.

Price should not be your only consideration while choosing a skin care product for yourself. It is not always true that the most expensive products tend to produce the best results. It has been mentioned formerly as well that your skin type ought to be a very important consideration while choosing products for your skin. Always make sure that you choose products for your skin after having consulted with a dermatologist.

Moreover, product ingredients ought to be given due consideration as well. If your product has anti-oxidants (i.e. Vitamins A and C), peptides and retin then it is sure to produce much more effective results as compared to those products which lack these ingredients.

What are antioxidants?

These are nutrients which bring about neutralization of free radicals before they have the chance of harming your skin. The importance of these topical anti-oxidants has been proved scientifically for the protection and rejuvenation of skin (particularly Vitamin C and E).

What are peptides?

These are small proteins constituting of amino acid chains. Peptides are noted for their stimulation of collagen production. Peptides can either be synthetic or natural; however mostly the peptides that are used in cosmetics are synthetic.

What is vitamin A - Retinol?

Retinoids are derived from Vitamin A. Different derivatives such as Renova, Retinol and Retin A are present in commercial products. These retinoids address skin issues related to aging by escalating the production of collagen and bringing down the reduction of collagen.

What is the purpose of sunscreen?

Electronic magnetic light from the sun in the form of UV radiations continually reaches the earth. These UV radiations have different wavelengths according to which they are classified. UVC rays are unable to reach the earth’s surface and thus do not harm your skin. UVA and UVB on the other hand not only reach the earth’s surface but they also have the potential of damaging your skin. The extent of this damage is quite vast. For instance, these harmful radiations may trigger pre mature aging or they may even cause cancers and other ailments. Your immune system may also be affected due to these radiations.

Sun screens play a vital role in reduction and at times complete elimination of the effect of these UV radiations.

DR. Amjadi- The Ideal Solution:

Dr. Amjadi provides the ultimate solution for the treatment of this damaged skin:

- La Roche-Posay: This is a dermatologic laboratory which has come up with a wide array of skin care products. These products constitute of active ingredients that target wrinkles. These ingredients include anti-oxidants, nutrients like Vitamin C and moisturizing agents like hyaluronic acid.

-The Redermic line: This line of skin care products comprises of approximately 6 products which primarily target wrinkles. Moreover, these products restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity, thus making your complexion smooth and uniform.

It comprises of two basic active ingredients which are as follows:

* Mannose: Mannose enables your skin to get rid of all irregularities and it enhances the effect that light has on your skin.

* Hyaluronic acid: The second ingredient i.e. hyaluronic acid can go a long way in smoothing your skin. Its effect is immediate and since it is non-greasy, therefore it can serve as an ideal make-up base as well.

- SkinCeuticals: This dermatologic laboratory has come up with approximately 52-anti aging products so far. Each of these caters to the needs of a specific skin type and by extension a specific patient. Your doctor may recommend you to use some of these products together. Each one of these products fights the effects of aging and enhances your skin’s brightness.

The three most recommended products from this line are given below:

- C E FERULIC: This product comprises of a number of ingredients which include anti-oxidants, ferulic acid and Vitamins E and C. These ingredients bring about neutralization of free radicals and thus they slow down the process of aging.

- A.G.E. INTERRUPTER: This product specifically aims to enhance your skin’s elasticity and restore its firmness. Also, it seeks to reduce your wrinkles by almost 20%. Blueberry extract, Proxylane and phytosphinegosine are its active ingredients which make sure that the formerly mentioned aims are achieved.

- RESVERATROL B E: This skin care product constitutes of anti-oxidants and should be applied at night. Its active ingredients are Vitamin E, baicalin and pure resveratrol. These ingredients help to fortify the defense system of your skin so that any further damage can be prevented. Moreover, it helps to fix the damage that has been done already.

- Senté: This product has been approved by scientists across the globe. The innovative technology deployed in this skin-care product ensures maximum hydration. Furthermore, it minimizes your wrinkles and fine lines along with improving the overall texture of your skin. The Senté (HSA – heparan sulfate analog) present in this product rejuvenates your skin, prompting it to look healthier

- Peptide-9: peptide-9 is a product by the SkinBeautica laboratory. It rejuvenates the texture of your skin and makes it healthier. It comprises of 9 active peptides which give proven results. These results are apparent no matter what skin type and chemistry you might have. The molecules of these peptides are quite small, due to which they have the capability of penetrating deeper into your skin and thus their action is much more profound. In order to yield its best results, it ought to be used twice every day.

What should a person do if all these anti-aging skin care products do not provide the desired results?

If all of these skin-care products fail to produce the desired results, then the first thing which you ought to do is go visit a doctor, preferably a plastic surgeon. Then, you ought to convey your desired goals and requirements openly so that the doctor can acquaint you with all the available techniques.

Dr. Amjadi not only guides you comprehensively about the skin care products that you can use, rather he also provides you with other options as an alternative to these skin care products if they fail to produce the desired results.

- Laser skin resurfacing: Beams of laser or light energy are deployed in this process. This laser energy produces heat which stimulates the production of collagen as a corollary. There are two laser options that can be used for this purpose, i.e. Erbium and CO2.

- Dermal fillers: Dermal fillers play a crucial role in minimizing your facial lines. They also restore volume to your face. Plastic surgeons deploy these fillers to fill up your wrinkles, facial contours and others creases. Moreover, the appearance of your recessed scars may also be improved because of these fillers. Examples of these dermal fillers include Drysport, Botox, Juvederm etc.

- Chemical peels: Chemical peeling is also a minimally invasive technique whereby the texture of your skin is improved and it becomes smooth. Chemical solutions are used is order to peel off your skin’s external layer. These chemical peels also come in different types and you can choose any one from amongst these depending upon your particular skin type.

The techniques mentioned above should only be performed by plastic surgeons as they are specialized and need expertise as well as qualification. If performed inappropriately, they can produce many adverse side effects.

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