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Forehead Lift

In the world of cosmetic surgery, not much light is shed on how important the forehead is and the role it plays in your overall appearance. In reality, the forehead and brow regions are some of the most noticed areas of the face. These areas are also a focal point that most people look at when having a conversation face to face. Through age and other environmental factors, these areas can become wrinkled and saggy. The forehead lift also known as brow lift, is a procedure that includes the reshaping and modification of the eyebrows and central forehead regions. Specifically, the forehead lift procedure focuses on tightening the brow and forehead to reduce wrinkles and lines associated with aging. The purpose of this article is to explore the various factors encompassing the forehead lift procedure and to shed some light on this somewhat obscure procedure.

Why Get a Forehead Lift?

A forehead lift can be compared to an artist putting the final touches on a work of art. The true art is in the detail. Many people strive to achieve the optimum look for themselves and a forehead lift adds a finishing touch that makes a great difference. By surgically removing excess skin and fat in these areas, a person can obtain amazing results. It is for those seeking to improve self-esteem and confidence and who desire to achieve a more symmetrical and evenly shaped face. A forehead lift is also for those seeking to exude a look of rejuvenation and youth. By eliminating forehead wrinkles and sagging eyebrows, the face will achieve a more uplifted look that will in turn provide a youthful and tighter look.


As with any cosmetic procedure, the process starts by first finding a surgeon that meets your requirements and expectations. Once you have picked a surgeon, the next step is to set up a time to sit and talk about the procedure and what results you hope to achieve through the surgery. Your surgeon will explain the procedure in detail as well as any associated risks. It is also at this time that your surgeon will schedule you for your procedure if you are deemed to be a good candidate for the procedure.


The procedure refers to the actual surgery that will take place. The process begins by reducing pain and maximizing comfort through the use of general or local anesthesia. Once the sedation process is complete, the surgeon will proceed to make all needed incisions. In terms of a forehead lift, the incisions will most likely be made in the forehead and eyebrow areas. The surgeon may remove excess skin or fat in these areas in order to achieve the specified look. Once all incisions and adjustments have been made, the surgeon will suture the area.


Recovery time refers to the time that it takes for a person to heal from the procedure. This time, frame will vary from person to person but it may range from a few days to a few weeks. During this time, you may experience pain, swelling or discomfort of the operated areas. It may also take a few days after the surgery for any actual results to be apparent. It is important to inform your surgeon of any unexpected or erratic symptoms at this time. Prolonged swelling or bruising could be an indication of infection and should be brought to your surgeons’ attention. Bleeding sutures should also be mentioned. Your surgeon may also schedule several follow-up appointments to check on the progress of your recovery. It is important to disclose any concerns you may have to your surgeon at this time including if you achieved your desired results.


As with all cosmetic procedures, it is important to discuss all associated risks in order to decide if the benefits outweigh the risks. Although the forehead lift procedure is considered to be low risk, there are still some factors to consider. Anesthesia is a common concern for many people considering surgery. It is important to communicate to your surgeon any past complications that you have had with anesthetics. It is also prudent to correlate with your primary care physician to obtain your medical history. Risks of anesthesia include but are not limited to; heart failure, low blood pressure, and allergic reactions. Another concern is the incisions themselves. The risks associated with the actual incisions are; pain, swelling, infection, fever, and bruising. It is important to assess all these risks and make an educated decision before proceeding with any procedure.


Now that the risks have been examined, we can begin to delve into the benefits of a forehead lift procedure. To begin the procedure is designed to provide a tighter and more youthful look by removing excess skin and fat. The procedure also helps lift the eye brow area removing the saggy look that is exhibited through age. This procedure allows you to obtain the result you desire for your face without having to constantly be buying expensive creams and lotions. The procedure is also beneficial for those suffering from extreme wrinkles and lines in the forehead and who have not had results from conventional methods. This procedure is considered to be a fairly low risk in comparison to other cosmetic procedures.


In the end, it really comes down to how you desire your overall facial region to be. For many the forehead is not a pressing concern when compared to the nose or the cheeks. For others, however, the forehead is a central focal point of the face. Age and environmental factors can cause wrinkles and lines that are not easy to be rid of with creams and lotions. The forehead lift procedure focuses on specifically tightening the forehead and brow areas in order to tighten the skin all while removing excess and flabby skin that may be undesirable. If conventional methods have failed, then you may stand to gain from this procedure. The results will be a tighter and younger looking forehead that will help boost your confidence and self-esteem.

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