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Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation- What is it? How is it done?

There are two distinct ways of bringing about buttock augmentation.

In the first method, artificial implants are surgically placed inside the patient’s buttocks. These implants could either be saline or silicone.

In the second method, buttocks are augmented by fat transfer. Occasionally both of these methods could be combined together.

As a consequence of breast augmentation, the patient would end up with fuller, bigger and perkier breasts. Since the buttock’s projection is improved after this method so the patient’s body posture would also be enhanced as well as his/her balance. As a corollary, the patient’s self-image and self-esteem would escalate too.

Buttock augmentation has been becoming rampantly popular. The statistics given by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons delineate that a large number of patients, both men and women (274 men and 3,465 women to be precise) were subjected to this particular cosmetic surgery back in the year 2013. The statistics suggest that this surgical procedure is much more popular in women although men undergo this surgery too. Moreover, the statistics showed that older patients are more prone of getting this surgery done. This trend is an explicit reflection of the fact that butt augmentation is a very effective technique to combat aging and its associated issues such as sagging and flabby skin. Having said this, you have to remember that butt augmentation can be undertaken by patients belonging to any age group as long as they are 18 years or older.

Sudden weight fluctuations leave you with sagging skin. If the weight loss is moderate then diet and exercise may be sufficient enough to address this issue. On the other hand though, if the weight loss is significant then generally diet and exercise fail to fix this particular issue.

Who are candidates or ideal patients for buttock augmentation?

  1. You are an ideal patient for buttock augmentation if you are unsatisfied with your buttock’s shape.
  2. If you want to have a fuller, bigger and rounder rear.
  3. If you feel that the symmetry of your body is not ideally proportioned.
  4. Moreover, in order to be subjected to this surgery, you need to be healthy ( both physically and psychologically

Also, you must be older than 18 years and must be realistic about the possible outcomes of the surgery.

What are the benefits of having a buttock augmentation?

Both butt augmentation options would enable you to have a well-rounded, well-toned and bigger butt. However, your surgeon could advise you about which procedure would work the best for you in the context of your individual goals and requirements.

Not only will your body stature become more balanced and symmetrical but your clothes would fit you better as well.

It will boost your self-esteem, however the patient ought to be completely acquainted with the possible complications and risks involved in the surgery so that he/she can take the decision likewise.

Buttock augmentation with implants benefits include:

-Buttock augmentation that deploys the use of implants is ideal for those patients who are skinny otherwise and do not have enough available fat.

- Fat reabsorption is not a taken -for -granted business. There is a possibility that the fat may not be “taken” by your body. Use of implants eliminates this doubt associated with fat reabsorption. Moreover, such patients are free from all those side effects which are commonly associated with fat injections which are given for the enhancement of buttocks.

-Butt augmentation through implants is a tested and tried technique that has been approved by the FDA.

-This surgical procedure can also be conjugated with liposuction to have a more flattering body to complement your flattering rear.

-The use of implants allows buttock augmentation in patients with little or no fat deposits.

Buttock Augmentation with Fat Transfer’s benefits include:

- This surgery which is also commonly termed as a Brazilian Butt lift, makes use of the patient’s natural body fats to enhance his/her buttock. Natural fat is injected into the patient’s rear and thus the results from this cosmetic surgery are much more natural.

- Brazilian butt lift is generally conjugated with the contouring of the patient’s overall abdominal profile through liposuction as well. Thus, you end up with not only an attractive rear but an overall attractive figure. Also, the fat which is injected into the patient’s buttocks is also purified and processed after extraction.

- Autologous fat transfer enables the patient to be free of any risks associated with implant rejection.

- This technique is not only natural but its recovery time is also less as compared to the former method.

Buttock augmentation with implants’ risks include:

- Implant augmentation is quite an invasive surgery and thus the patient has to be given anesthesia. There are always chances of patient responding negatively to this anesthesia (although the chances are rare).

- The results after this surgical procedure might not appear to be very natural since incision scars would definitely be left behind.

- Moreover, generally silicone implants are used during this type of augmentation. There is always a possibility of your body rejecting this material.

- There are other surgical risks and complications involved as well, such as development of any infection, bleeding and consequent pain. Excessive pressure may also prompt the incisions to open up which may lead to implant exposure. There is the possibility ( although extremely rare) of other undesired situations as well such as the accumulation of fluid, formation of blood clots, migration of implant and rupture of implant.

Buttock augmentation by fat transfer’s risks include:

- The nature of risks and complications in this type of breast augmentation is mainly medical. These complications may arise due to loss of excess blood, formation of blood clots, bruises, sensation of numbness alternated with pain, inflammation, toxicity, stretch marks, asymmetry, cellulite etc.

The plastic surgeon would make sure that the patient is acquainted with all details of the procedure as well as the risks involved, after which the surgeon would ask the patient to sign a consent form. This consent form is a reiteration of the fact that the patient is aware of and understands the risks involved during the surgical procedure.

How is each procedure performed?

  1. There are two distinct ways to bring about buttock augmentation and different techniques that can be deployed during this process. Your surgeon would decide which of them would work the best for you taking into account your preferences, your expectations from the surgery and other determining factors such as the patient’s buttock contours, available fat quantity, quality of skin and its extent of elasticity.
  2. The patient is given anesthesia before the surgery no matter which type of procedure he/she chooses so that the patient stays comfortable during the surgery. The options available are either local anesthesia or the general one. However, the latter options is more widely used.

Procedure for Augmentation through Implants

  • First of all, an incision is made.
  • There are a variety of incision patterns and techniques available. The type of technique which is deployed depends upon a number of factors such as the type of implant being used, the desired enlargement and the patient’s particular physique.
  • The incisions can either be made on the top of the buttocks or their bottom. They can also be made between both the cheeks or the center of the sacrum may be incised.
  • This is followed by the placement of the silicone implant either in the gluteal muscle itself or above it.
  • After the implant has been placed adequately, it is followed by the closure of the incisions with the help of sutures and other adhesive materials.
  • The results of this augmentation are quite apparent immediately after the surgery.

Procedure of Augmentation through Fat Transfer/ Brazilian Butt lift

  • This surgical procedure too is an outpatient one.
  • The duration for this surgery ranges between 90 minutes to 40 hours. This duration is dependent upon a number of factors such as the areas which have to be subjected to liposuction, the amount of available fat that has to be extracted and the patient’s expected results from the surgery. As a general rule, autologous liposuction or tumescent liposuction might be deployed for this purpose
  • If the latter type of liposuction i.e. tumescent one is deployed then local anesthetics conjugated with epinephrine are inserted into the skin through an injection into those particular sites from where the fat has to be extracted. This combination of drugs would make the area numb and thus the amount of bleeding would be lessened. As a consequence the suction of fat through a micro cannula would be made much easier.
  • The other type of liposuction which is popularly used is autologous fat transfer. In this procedure the extracted fat is made to undergo different processes which result into its purification. After this processing and purification, the fat is re-injected into the buttocks.
  • The cannula used for this process will have many injections attached to it.
  • The plastic surgeon has to be especially careful at this juncture since this fat has to be inserted in different depths so as to create a perfect symmetry.
  • Several different fat transfer sessions may be required for adequate absorption of this fat into the buttocks and to ensure that the patient’s desires regarding the contours, size and shape are fulfilled.
  • Now, there has been an another innovation is this technology, whereby the surgeon makes use of dermal fillers to make the buttocks more plump.
  • The procedure of injecting these dermal fillers is the same as fat transfers, however, no liposuction is required in this process since no fat is extracted. These fillers are synthetic and some of these common fillers are Belotero Balance®, Juvederm®, Perlane®, Sculptra®etc.

What is the cost of this procedure?

The actual cost varies from surgery to surgery since it depends on various factors such as the specific technique which is deployed in the surgery, the desired expectations, the surgeon’s qualification and expertise etc.

On the whole though, the average cost would approximately be $4,580 with buttock augmentation using implants and $4,509 with buttock augmentation through fat transfer.

What should the patient do during the medical consultation before a buttock augmentation?

  1. The primary and the most important thing that the patient has to remember is that he/she has to be completely honest with the surgeon.
  2. Convey your medical history and present medical record very openly.
  3. Make sure that you don’t leave out any important information such as any things that you are allergic to or any current medications that you are on.
  4. This would go a long way in preventing the possibility of any complications during the surgical procedure and even after it.
  5. Moreover, you also have to be very honest about your motivations for the surgery as well as your expectations from it.
  6. The surgeon would then take photographs to be kept in your medical record. He/she would then acquaint you with all the available options, discuss them with you and ultimately recommend a course of treatment which he/she reckons to be the best.
  7. Also, the surgeon would warn the patient about any possible complications or risks involved in the surgery.

What is involved in the preparation for surgery?

  1. Almost 2 weeks prior to the surgery, the patient should quit taking any anti-inflammatory drugs or any other medicines of the like kind.
  2. He/she should strictly avoid smoking and any alcohol intake.
  3. Moreover, adequate amount of water intake is crucial for swift healing so you ought to make sure that you are properly hydrated before the surgery as well as after it.
  4. The patient would need adult care during this healing period, at least for a couple of days.
  5. The patient should wear compression garments during this period, change bandages regularly and keep himself/herself comfortable with a lot of pillows so that the operated area is not subjected to excessive pressure.

How is the recovery after buttock augmentation?

A certain amount of pain, swelling and bruising is normal after the surgery. Furthermore, you may also experience changes in your skin color as well as sudden changes of sensation in the operated area. Your doctor would prescribe you certain pain medications to take care of this issue during this recovery period.

The pace of this recovery would vary from patient to patient, however generally your surgeon may advise you to take very short walks on the very day of the surgery so as to prevent any formation of blood clots.

Moreover, the patient should avoid sitting for some time since it would put pressure on the operated area. If sitting cannot be avoided then place pillows underneath you to provide some support.

Similarly the patient also has to sleep on his/her side instead of sleeping on back to avoid putting direct pressure on butt.

The patient is allowed to take shower the second or third day following the surgery.

The healing period can last anywhere from 6 to 8 months, since this healing time is different for every individual.

Once this recovery period is over, the patient may resume his/her normal activities.

Also, the recovery period for those patients who have had butt augmentation through fat transfer may be shorter since this surgery is comparatively less invasive. Such patients can resume their normal activity level after a couple of weeks.

The compression garment has to be worn for almost a month. It will keep your butt in shape and reduce swelling. The final results become apparent after almost three months since by that time most of the swelling has subsided and the implants have taken their shape.

However, if you gain weight after getting a fat transfer done then the results of the surgery would also be altered since this fat also grows and shrinks with the rest of your body fat.

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