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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Cheek Implants Houston

Full, defined cheeks are considered a sign of youth and beauty. Over time, it’s natural for the face to lose fat, causing the cheeks to become flat and the skin to become saggy. Some people are born with naturally high cheekbones that look perfectly sculpted, but many of us were not so lucky. Cheek augmentation is...
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Ear Surgery Recovery Time

The ears are very sensitive and something we use on a daily basis therefore recovery comes in stages. First immediately following surgery hearing might be more intense or it can be decreased due to bleeding in the ear drum. This fluid will subside after about a week. As this happens the ears will be quite...
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Body Lift Recovery

A body lift is a surgery that helps to improve the shape and tone of the body by removing excessive skin and fat.


During the recovery period for a body lift procedure, the patient may spend at least two days in a hospital or nursing care facility. During this time, the patient is taught the proper...
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Face Lift Surgery Recovery Time

Face lift surgeries usually don’t take more than a couple hours and the patient is normally sent home shortly after. Because it is such a short period between surgery and home the patient will want to arrange a ride because they will be unsafe to drive due to the anesthesia. This is just a precaution...
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Buttock Augmentation Recovery Time

If you decide to get a buttock augmentation you should be prepared to take a good two to three weeks off of work and duties. Each buttock augmentation has its own special instructions for recovery but all have many things in common. For one the area of the buttocks is very delicate. No matter what...
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