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5 Myths About Breast Implants

July 1, 2016

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that has been gaining more and more popularity worldwide. Many persons from all walks of life are finding the procedure to be much more appealing and as technology improves, the procedure becomes much more affordable. However, with popularity comes a barrage of misinformation and rumors that can deter most from even considering the procedure. This article is dedicated to debunking said myths and to shed some light on the facts regarding breast augmentation including its procedures, results, safety and other frequently asked questions.

Myth# 1: Silicone is not Safe

This is a myth that has been disproven many times over yet still persists to deviate many away from breast augmentation. The fact is that silicone is amazingly safe! Silicone has undergone grueling testing and research to be deemed absolutely safe by the scientific and medical communities. Modern implants are a great upgrade in comparison to their predecessors that caused concerns many years ago. research and safety testing have made it so that modern implants are not toxic or migratory, meaning that they stay firmly in place and do not travel out of position. Today’s silicone implants allow for a firmer yet more natural feel that is durable and comfortable.

Myth# 2: Breast Implants Are Only for an Increase in Size

This myth is by far the easiest to debunk. For starters, modern day medical and scientific technology has completely changed the paradigm of what can be accomplished through medicinal science. That being said, breast implants can, in most cases, be molded to your exact specifications and desires. Some women may desire a decrease in breast size to feel better about themselves or simply for comfort. For some women having an equal proportion is more important than size. Having a body frame or “shape” that is to your liking can greatly boost confidence and self-esteem. Needless to say that this myth can be easily dismissed by seeing the results of many persons that have undergone the procedure and achieved their desired results.

Myth# 3: Breast Implant Surgery is High Risk

To be fair, any form of surgical procedure comes with its fair share of risks. However, breast augmentation surgery is no riskier than your average non-cosmetic surgical procedure i.e. tonsillectomy, cholecystectomy etc. The risks associated with breast augmentation are usually with secondary elements such as anesthesia, malpractice and or post operational elements i.e. infection. These factors are what normally lead to complications. Most cases of breast augmentation complications usually stem from post operational issues and not from issues with the surgical procedure itself. This myth can be put to rest simply by researching the statistics and learning about the low mortality rates associated with the breast augmentation procedure. It is important for individuals interested in the procedure to assess all possible risks before undergoing the procedure.

Myth# 4: Breast Implants Don’t look Natural

We have all heard it once or twice before, “Breast implants make you look like a plastic doll.” This myth can be debunked easily when you take a look at the scientific advancements made in the realm of cosmetic surgery. As aforementioned, today’s technology has advanced to a point where you can achieve almost any look you desire for your breasts. The days of awkward looking and feeling implants are over. The newer higher grade silicone implants contour to the shape of your body and are adjusted to your exact specifications. The feel and area of the breast is firmer yet still natural to the touch. Your surgeon will talk with you every step of the way and can schedule you for various sessions to discuss your specifications and to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your look.

Myth# 5 Breast Implants Don’t Last forever

While it is true that in some rare occasions adjustments and modifications must be made over time, most persons experience long lasting and satisfying results. In most cases, implants come with a lifetime warranty that covers replacements and modifications if needed. Most implants can last far beyond ten years if there is no trauma or severe impact to the area. It is not possible to give an exact estimate as to how long an implant can last and is usually dependent on various factors. One factor is personal preference. As age becomes a factor a person may want a “touch up” on the existing implant. If this is the case, then a surgeon can replace the implant or simply modify it. Another factor is damage or trauma. If there is some sort of damage to the area that causes the implant to become ruptured or shifted, then a surgeon would simply schedule another procedure in which the implant can be repaired or replaced. The myth of implants having a date of expiration can be debunked by various testimonials of women that have had their implants throughout the majority of their lifetime.


We began this article by talking about the modern day advances in science and medicine that have allowed us to be able to make strides in the field of cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation is just another fraction in the field that takes advantage of such advancements. It is these advancements that allow us to able to debunk most of these “myths” that arise in relation to breast implants. Many of these myths are remnants of the early days of breast implant surgery in which the technology had not yet caught up with the science. However, as discussed in this article, we can see that most of these myths can be deemed obsolete when we take into account the improvements not only in the science of breast implant surgery but the techniques as well. It is important to note that these myths may hold truths in certain extreme and rare circumstances, however, they cannot represent the general consensus of the majority as these are rare occurrences. As with everything, the most important part is that you do your own research before committing to a procedure of any kind but as for these myths, it is safe to consider them debunked.

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