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Body Contouring After Weight Loss

June 26, 2016

Body contouring is somewhat a mystery topic to those that are not familiar with the world of cosmetic surgery. That is because body contouring is usually a procedure used to supplement and enhance the appearance and effects of other procedures that have been conducted. Body contouring is not a difficult concept to understand in fact, the name says it all. This article is to take a look into body contouring, who it’s for, how it is performed. We will delve into the procedure behind body contouring and who gains from this procedure.

What is body contouring?

Body contouring is exactly what the name suggests. It is the alteration or enhancement of a particular area of the body in order to reshape it to your liking and specifications. These contouring procedures can include the following:

Face Lift - A face lift is a procedure used to re-tighten the areas of the face that have succumbed to loss of elasticity of the skin. When the skin loses elasticity, then certain areas begin to droop and sag. This can cause the appearance of a person to look aged. A facelift tightens the skin to allow for a more natural and rejuvenated look of the facial regions.

Breast Lift – A breast lift (not to be confused with breast augmentation) is a tightening of the breast area and the removal of excess skin. Unlike a breast augmentation, a breast lift will not affect size. It is simply a way to decrease the appearance of sagging and drooping of the breast area. This helps in providing tighter, youthful, and more natural looking breasts to women who desire it.

Lower Body Contouring – Lower body lifts and contouring encompasses the regions of the abdomen, buttocks, groin, and thighs. Through age and other factors, the skin in these regions can succumb to loss of elasticity. This, in turn, causes the appearance of wrinkling and sagging of these areas. A lower body lift assists with the retightening and lifting of these areas which can decrease wrinkles, sagging and the overall appearance of aging.

Arm Lifts – The arms are a very notable and distinguished part of the body. Weather it's shaking a hand or hugging a loved one, we use our arm for a variety of things throughout our day. Through time and environmental factors, the arms can lose its elasticity and can become saggy and flaccid. This can cause the appearance of droopy biceps and loose skin that can cause one to feel insecure and unhappy with themselves. An arm lift procedure can tighten the area and remove any excess skin that can cause the appearance of droopiness in the arms providing arms that look tighter and better contoured to the body.

Who can Benefit from Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a procedure that can help a variety of persons simply seeking to reshape or tighten certain areas of their body that have suffered a loss of elasticity. The loss of elasticity is usually the main driver behind sagging and drooping skin. This loss of tightness can be caused by a variety of factors and many can stand to benefit from this procedure. Some of the factors are as follows;

Dramatic Weight Loss - Weight loss for some, is an achievement in its self. However, when dramatic weight loss occurs it can leave behind a looseness or flab that causes the skin to droop and sag. This, in turn ,can make a person feel insecure and unhappy with their body regardless of the weight loss. A tummy tuck procedure would allow for the removal of this excess skin producing a more desired look that would boost self-confidence and esteem. Persons who have undergone weight loss surgeries such as liposuction or gastric bypass, stand to benefit from a tummy tuck (retightening of the skin around the abdomen) procedure due to the residual skin that remains after these procedures.

Aging – Aging is a natural part of life, however, the effects of aging no longer have to be. We live in an era of technological and scientific advancement and that in turn, has spilled into the world of cosmetic surgery. This has made cosmetic surgery more and more accessible to a variety of individuals from all walks of life. That being said, aging no longer has to be deteriorating and unfavorable subject. We can now achieve the look and feel we want at virtually whatever age. This can be done by the tightening or removal of loose and sagging skin which can boot self- confidence and esteem.


The procedure for body contouring can vary depending on which region of the body you desire to contour. However, there are some general steps that apply to most procedures:

Consultation and Scheduling – During this step, you can consult with your desired surgeon and explain what specifications you have for your body. Ensure to express your concerns as well as your desired results. Your surgeon, in turn, will reciprocate and let you know what procedures you can benefit from as well as  scheduling you for a procedure if you are an eligible candidate.

Operational Procedure – This step can vary and is dependent on the specific region that you desire to alter. Most procedures will require the use of anesthesia to increase comfort and reduce pain. This is done through a general or local intravenous delivery (IV). Once the surgeon is ready he/she will proceed to make the necessary incisions and removals of the excess skin. Once the procedure is complete the surgeon will suture the operated areas.

Recovery – After the operational procedure is complete, the surgeon will let you know what steps you need to take in order to achieve a successful recovery. Patients may experience pain discomfort and swelling of the operated areas throughout the recovery time. Your surgeon may prescribe medications and also set up your schedule for various  follow-up up appointments in order to check on the status of your recovery.


We explored the various aspects that encompass body contouring surgery and who stands to benefit from these kinds of procedures. We also explored the benefits and how people who suffer from loose or excess skin can take advantage of body contouring to increase confidence and self-esteem. We also talked about the procedure and the general steps that are taken before and after the procedure. In the end, it is up to you to decide if body contouring is something that you stand to benefit from. In an age of medicinal and scientific revolution, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to achieving the look that you desire.

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