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Botox Boggle

July 6, 2016

Botox is a cosmetic procedure that has gained popularity over the years due to its simplistic nature and low risk (as compared to other cosmetic procedures). Botox can provide a youthful and rejuvenated look to your appearance without the need of dangerous surgeries. One of the most common regions that Botox can highly influence is the area around the eyes. The eyes have a reputation of being one of the most attractive qualities of a person's face, however, through time age, stress, and lack of sleep can cause the skin around the eye to appear flaccid and fatigued. Lines around the eyes known as “crow’s feet” can become deeper and more noticeable causing the appearance of an aged face. Botox can deliver a very practical treatment that can alter these symptoms to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Botox Around the Eyes

Age, stress, and environmental factors are some of the leading causes of wrinkles and creases around the eyes. The skin around the eyes can become flaccid and can appear loose with a lack of elasticity.

Crow’s Feet

Wrinkles and creases around the eyes often called crow’s feet, can cause one to feel aged and unattractive. Introducing a Botox treatment to this area can greatly influence the appearance of wrinkles and the development of new ones by causing a temporary paralysis of the treated area. A Botox treatment around the eyes will smoothen the surface area of the affected muscles and will give your eyes a more youthful appearance. For many, Botox around the eyes is a fast and effective way of looking younger without undergoing a higher risk procedure.

“11” Lines

“11” lines are wrinkles that appear on the forehead area and can cascade all the way down to the area around the eyes and nose. These lines are often the result of stress and age. A Botox treatment to this are can smoothen out the “11” lines that form greatly influencing the appearance of the forehead/eye area to be tighter and younger looking.


A facial Botox procedure is fairly simple and straight forward. The procedure should only take a few minutes and there is no need for anesthetics. The process can be broken down into three steps:

Assessment - During this step, a cosmetic surgeon/specialist may evaluate your overall health status and check medical histories to ensure that there is no risk of complications or reaction to the Botox treatment. Your surgeon will then explain the procedure during this time including the benefits and what results you can expect to achieve.

Procedure – Once the assessment is completed the surgeon will schedule a time and date for the administration of the required units of the Botox medication. The units are administered via an injection to the designated area(s) and may cause minor discomfort at the time of application. The injection can be administered to the areas around the eyes and forehead and may cause temporary pain and discomfort to these areas.

Results/Follow-up – Depending on your desired results, your surgeon may schedule you for a follow-up appointment to discuss further treatment and to check on the status of the current treatment. It may take several days before the full effects of the treatment are apparent. The surgeon will also discuss the do’s and don'ts required of you after your procedure.


The results and benefits of Botox are varied and can differ from person to person. The results are not permanent so future treatments are required if the results achieved are to be maintained. A Botox treatment usually lasts 3-6 months and can be re-administered any time after that with no loss of effect. The benefits of Botox around the eyes are that it will eliminate the visibility of wrinkles and crow’s feet for a natural and younger looking facial appearance. It is important to understand that not all types of wrinkles can be treated with Botox. Wrinkles around the eyes caused by sun damage show little improvement when treated with Botox. Wrinkles caused by soft tissue shrinkage is also not a significant beneficiary of the Botox treatment. A main appeal of Botox is that it can provide practical results without the need of incisions or anesthesia. The results can lead to a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem.


The cost of Botox treatment can vary from region to region and can be charged as a whole or on a per-unit basis. Botox has a national average cost of $300.00 to $1000.00 (USD) per treatment. If the treatment is offered on a per-unit charge, then the units can average from $10.00 to $15.00 (USD.). On average, one Botox treatment can consist of up to nine units per session. It is important to keep in mind that the effects of Botox can last from 3 to 6 months. After this time, you can consult with your cosmetic surgeon if you would like to schedule another treatment. The national average cost does not include any other fees that may be applied such as; surgeon fee’s, consultation fee etc.


When it comes to a practical and low-risk way of achieving desired facial results, Botox delivers in spades. The simplistic nature of the procedure is an appealing factor to all those seeking a way to eliminate the wrinkles caused by age and stress without undergoing a risky surgery. Botox is a treatment that can be repeated multiple times in future sessions to maintain a tighter and younger looking skin. As with any cosmetic alteration, it is important to do as much research as possible. One must always weigh the benefits versus the risks of any procedure. Although Botox does not present any immediate risks, there's still a few possible side effect to consider. Pain and bruising at the injection site are not uncommon with the Botox procedure. Swelling of the injected area is also a possibility, this may also cause discomfort. In some rare cases, Botox has caused headaches and or flu-like symptoms. It is important to let your surgeon know if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. It is also important to attend all follow-up appointments with your surgeon in order to evaluate the progress of the treatment and to prevent complications.

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