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Breast Augmentation Size and Proportion

March 30, 2016

Breast augmentation is an extremely common procedure for women both young and old. Many women are self-conscious about the natural size and shape of their breasts while others simply want a bigger cup size than what Mother Nature gave them. This procedure is effective for increasing the size of the breasts and enhancing the proportion of breast size to the patient’s body. One of the most important considerations of this surgery, if not the most important, is the size of the implant. It is vital for the patient to feel comfortable with the size, shape, and texture of the implant as this is perhaps the biggest influence on the patient’s satisfaction with the surgery.

Women who have asymmetrical breasts, a totally natural occurrence, may be good candidates for breast augmentation. The size of the breasts may be made more proportional by increasing the size of one breast in order to align to the other. Alternatively, both breasts can be supplemented with varying sizes of implants in order to create a more symmetrical appearance. Women with abnormal breasts due to medical and/or physical conditions may be good candidates for the breast augmentation procedure as well.  Breast augmentation is a common form of reconstruction after a patient undergoes a mastectomy or suffers an injury.

Perhaps the most important decision for a woman to make is deciding the size of the implants. Some women may think they want larger breast implants, but when they try on a sizer bra at the plastic surgeon’s consultation, they find that their “new” chest looks disproportional to the rest of their body. It is far better to find this out beforehand instead of being unhappy with the size of your implants after undergoing the surgery. Everyone has a different body shape, personal preference, and lifestyle. One factor to consider is how you’d like your clothes to fit. If you feel that your chest is too small and you want your clothes to fit you better or tighter, or if you enjoy wearing lower-cut shirts, you may prefer a larger implant size. If you feel uncomfortable or irritated by tighter-fitting clothing, a smaller implant size is right for you. It is important to note that your breasts will be swollen following the procedure, so the breast size you see right away will not be permanent.

The proportionality of your new implants to your existing body frame and shape is another factor to consider. Your plastic surgeon should take into consideration the patient’s height, weight, shoulder width, and body frame in order to help the patient decide on a size that looks naturally beautiful and still feels comfortable to them. Breast size is a very personal decision, and every woman will have a different notion about the way they want to look. Not everyone will feel the same way as you do. The size of the implants is just as unique a decision as the overall breast augmentation surgery for every individual.

Your plastic surgeon will also discuss with you whether the size of the implant is truly feasible in a physical sense. You need to have enough stretch in your skin and supportive breast tissue in order to accommodate the implant size. If the breast implant is too large, your skin will not be able to support it. This may result in rippling, stretch marks, or other medical complications. Your surgeon should discuss the options you have with regard to implant size and skin treatment after the procedure to ensure healthy and supple-looking skin.

A skilled plastic surgeon will consider the patient’s body type and natural proportions when discussing implant size and shape with the candidate. The implant profile and contour should be demonstrated and discussed in order to set realistic expectations for what the patient can expect to see after the breast augmentation surgery. It is very common and extremely helpful for the patient to wear a sizer bra and sizer implants in order to mimic what the breasts will look like after surgery. This helps the patient understand how different clothing items may fit, and what shape the implant will take on once inserted into the body.

Patients often take the sizer implants home with them so that they can gain an understanding of the weight, texture, and overall feeling that their new body may give them. It is also helpful for the patient to try on different-sized clothing with the intent of understanding whether the patient will need to purchase a new wardrobe to accommodate their breast size or if existing wardrobes will suffice. This gives the patient a general idea of how breast augmentation surgery will affect even the smallest aspects of daily life before the actual surgery itself.

Breast implants don’t only come in different sizes but shapes as well. The patient can choose between a rounded and a shaped implant. Some women prefer a fuller shape to the breast while others prefer a more natural-looking, tapered shape. This is an important distinction for the patient to make as it will affect the way clothing fits and looks. The plastic surgeon will help to determine the appropriate width of the implant in order to create a symmetrical and balanced appearance of the breasts as they relate to the patient’s height, weight, shoulder width, and other physical proportions.

Breast implant size and shape is an entirely personal decision. Our bodies come in such a vast array of shapes and sizes, so the options are truly endless. Patients should customize their decisions based on their personal body proportions, individual beauty goals, desires for fullness and shape, and implant type that is suitable for the patient’s body from a physical perspective. A skilled plastic surgeon will help to explain the differences between the many options to the patient, and assist in making the breast implant size and shape look great for the patient’s body.

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