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Breast Reduction in Houston

May 1, 2015

Over the years, we have seen and heard of countless women who have paid one way or another for a breast enlargement procedure. This is mostly through getting breast implants from local plastic surgery offices like breast reduction Houston clinics or centers. But, there is also the group on the other side of the divide that is looking for breast reduction. You can get breast reduction on breasts that had previously been enlarged or on naturally large breasts.
There are a number of reasons as to why people will go for breast reduction procedures. To begin with, large breasts can cause the patient to have back pains from supporting their chest area. They can also have neck pains due to the same. Another reason why one may choose to get breast reduction is to protect their skin. Large breasts can cause an irritation to the skin especially in the groove under the breasts. This can be caused by dirt, sweat or oil, just like any other part of the body. There is a reason that combines health and cosmetic reasons for getting a breast reduction. This is the fact that women feel like they are uncomfortable, cannot participate in active sports and cannot get clothes to fit them perfectly. This self-esteem issue is a major cause of people going in for breast reduction.
When you need to get breast reduction done, you must first do your research on the hospitals, clinics or health centers that offer this service. For example, you can do online or physical such as plastic surgery Houston in order to narrow down the search. A true surgeon or doctor will explain the procedure, the risks involved and the healing process and duration. You must have your mind at ease by listening carefully as well as posing as many questions as possible so you can fully understand this procedure.
There is the common breast reduction procedure that can take at least 3 hours to be conducted and there is no need for a stay in the hospital after it is done. Because weight gain is usually a cause of breast enlargement, procedures such as liposuction can go along with the reduction procedure in order to get rid of fat tissue. A minor version of breast reduction is known as mastopexy or breast lift. This is when sagging or drooping breasts are taken care of by getting rid of come amount of skin to correct the issue.
When breast reduction is taking place, the patient is put under using general anesthesia. The procedure is for the most part simple and does not require the patient to stay overnight at the center, for example, plastic surgery Houston centers. However, as is the case with all medical procedures, there are risks. During the procedure, excessive bleeding, a reaction to the general anesthesia, clotting and infections can happen. This can be avoided by entrusting your procedure to a specialist, like breast reduction Houston specialists.

After the procedure, you will have your chest area bandages and it is up to you to avoid doing heavy lifting or interfering with the healing process which can take at least 6 weeks. You may experience numbness in your nipples, scarring, and uneven nipples and sometimes, for breastfeeding mothers, they may not be able to feed their little ones for some time. Get a breast reduction if you feel it is what you want and not to be pressured into doing it as a trend. You can also lose some weight to gauge if you really need to get your breasts reduced.

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