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What you need to know if you’re considering plastic surgery

September 11, 2015

Nowadays, plastic surgery has increased in popularity, because it may help to improve the appearance; however, it is not for everyone. When a person desires to undergo a plastic surgery many questions may arise. Learn the best tips before taking this important decision here.

In some cases, people consider cosmetic or plastic surgery to eliminate the passage of time and improve his/her appearance or physique. However, people of 20 or 30 years may undergo plastic surgery too. In any case, plastic surgery is recommended for people who are not satisfied with an aspect of his/her appearance but always being conscious of the risks and limitations of the procedures.

More than the patient's age, the most important factor that the plastic surgeon considers is the patient's health, so he/she will determine if the patient can undergo on combined surgeries based on the physical examination and some laboratory tests. These methods allow to discard any potential health problems.

Some patients may hide important information about his/her health, this because they believe that if the surgeon knows some details, they will not be candidates for surgery. This is a big mistake, the surgeon should always know the entire patient's medical record, this way he/she can be prepared for any complication.
Despite the fact that plastic surgery is a really personal decision, there are some procedures that are more popular according to the age. Some of them are:

- During the 20s or 30s: At this age the aging prevention techniques are the most popular, people begin to think what procedures they may undergo to avoid the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and crow's feet.

The prevention begins with daily skin care, like using sunscreen or anti-wrinkle creams to retard the necessity of surgery. However, some experts recommend undergoing small procedures at this age, like using injectables and fillers (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, among others) to avoid lines, mainly the crow's feet in the corners of the eyes, lines around the mouth, and even the creases in the forehead. Actually, in those cases when the patient has deep bags under the eyes experts recommend undergoing a blepharoplasty during youth.

In general terms, these procedures are easy to perform, and need very little time for recovery. The cost may widely vary, but the average cost of these treatments is between $1500 and $3500.

- During the 40s: At this age, aging is more noticeable in both the face and the body. The face has lost fat and the body gains fat. Likewise, the loss of face's fat is associated with the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, so the patient gets an aging face. Most women have had children at this age, and the weight gain during pregnancy makes their bodies change.

The nasolabial folds are deeper, and when these lines appear from the nose to the mouth the appearance of the face may vary widely. So at this age, the most commonly used techniques are fat transfer, because the plastic surgeon can remove the extra fat from a donor site through liposuction and re-inject it in the face or other parts of the body where it has decreased.
Surgeries like "mommy make-over" are very common too, as well as the massage techniques to eliminate the cellulite, and laser techniques. These procedures are more specialized, so the costs are higher, and may vary between $3000 and $7000.

- After the 50s: At this age the most common change is the saggy skin, especially in the face and neck. However, in this case, experts say that fillers or injectables are not the best solutions; they recommend using facelifts and neck lifts. This type of cosmetic surgery reshapes the face and neck, improving the visible signs of aging by removing skin excess, tightening underlying tissues and muscle, and re-draping the skin.

These techniques allow the patient to look younger, even a decade younger in some cases. By undergoing these techniques, the patient may restore the roundness of the face and have it to look firmer. However, this technique requires a longer recovery time (14 days in average), and the cost vary between $3500 and $25000 according to the desires of each patient.

In any case and any age, the best option is to look for a qualified plastic surgeon, he/she can recommend the best way of treatment according to the patient's health. Likewise, all surgeries involve risks, but they are reduced when the surgery is performed by an expert.

Although each procedure has specific risks and complications, in general terms the patients may experience infections, excessive bleeding, deformities, scarring, allergy to anesthesia, allergy to implants or fillers, and unconformity with the results.Remember to always explain to the plastic surgeon the expectations and money available.

The patient's self-esteem may improve after a cosmetic surgery; however, the patient should understand the limitations of each procedure. Plastic surgery may improve the appearance, but it will not make him/her a new person. Likewise, when the patient has mental conditions like depression, he/she should be treated before undergoing surgery.

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