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Cosmetic Surgery – How To Maintain Results:

December 5, 2016

Cosmetic procedures are a substantial financial investment that insurance rarely covers. You want to ensure the results last long as possible, and there are many things that can be done to ensure that the results do last. Most of these things are within your power to control. The procedure should help you keep your “new look” long as possible, so ensure you follow my recommended follow-ups and touch-ups advised by the healthcare professionals and surgeons that do the procedures on you. This helps the results keep their edge, and helps the procedure results not to “fade” over time. If there is post-procedure advice provided by the healthcare experts, FOLLOW the advice. It is for a reason even if you don’t personally understand what the reason is.

3 Ways To Maintain Cosmetic Surgery Results:

Stay Active & Eat Well

Many procedures require the changing of a size of least one body part. These kinds of treatments include liposuctions, tummy tucks, and body-sculpting procedures. These procedures are a great help in getting the physical look you desire, but you also must do your part maintaining the results provided by the procedure. You invested a lot of money, and some pain in these procedures to begin with, so ensure your results are preserved by putting in the effort required to keep the results you have gained.

For these kinds of procedures weight maintenance, and sometimes further weight-loss is required to help achieve the look you desire. The surgery is a tool to help you get the body you dreamed of, but it’s not a sure-fire fix to the problem. Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly will go a long way in helping keep the results of your procedure up to your expectations. Otherwise, if you choose to go back to eating poorly and not exercising frequently/regularly the fat deposits or weight will come back even after it was removed. Sometimes people can gain even MORE weight or fat than they lost to begin with. To obtain the results again, an entire new procedure may be required to get things back under control. Not only is that more pain and more recovery time, but it’s paying for a procedure you already doled out for once.

Also opt to partake in a follow-up procedure recommended by healthcare professionals to maintain, and help enhance your new look. You have a great new look after a procedure, but eating right and working out will only let you help yourself. That is not a commitment anyone can make for you but you. You must decide to keep those results up and keep yourself looking how you want to look.

Cut Out Bad [Nicotine] Habits:

Quitting things you know are terrible for your health will not only improve your internal health, but it will also help preserve the results of your surgical procedures. Processes such as face lifts or Botox will rapidly decline if you continue to use nicotine products including pipes, tobacco (chew), and cigarettes. These harmful agents cause premature aging wrinkles, aging spots, and skin blemishes to reappear even after surgeries were used to help erase those marks, to begin with.

Moreover, the internal damage such chemicals like nicotine can do to your teeth, gums, esophagus, and lungs are equally dangerous. Pipes, tobacco (chew), and cigarettes have carcinogens that can cause severe problems like cancers, which in some cases can be deadly. That’s another reason to kick the bad habits all together!

Listen To Your Doctor’s Advice:

When your healthcare professionals give you follow-up procedures and advice, be sure to listen to the advice in its entirety. Even if it seems like a waste of time or pointless to you remember: THEY HAVE TOLD YOU TO DO THIS FOR A REASON!

Do not return to normal activities until you are cleared by a medical professional to do so. Returning to activities earlier only risks harming yourself! If the pain lasts longer or is more intense than the doctor said it should be, seek follow-up care as something such as infections could be wrong. If at any point you have any questions or concerns about your results contact your healthcare provider immediately. It’s your well-being at stake, and their job is to protect that!


Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are simply tools to help you look and feel your best! It’s up to you to keep the results up after the procedure is over. Do not let yourself relapse and slide back into your bad habits, or you will erase all the progress that the procedure helped you make. Remember, insurance policies do not cover cosmetic procedures, so take every action to help preserve the investment you have made in yourself!


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