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April 23, 2015

Blepharoplasty sounds a lot like a disease and not so much like a cosmetic and corrective surgery. When your elder folk are burdened by age, vision is not only impaired by the degeneration of eyes consistent with age, but the body parts that contain the apparatus responsible for vision. The eyelids can sag and wrinkle up so much that they end up obstructing the little view your elder state-folk have left. That is a perk they get and thus get afforded with preferential treatment and pity. For you however with a long life of relative youth ahead of you, we can remove all this trouble with a few hours of your time and add seven to ten years of rejuvenated appearance. Eye lift is ideal for people between thirty five and fifty with a reasonable health record and those younger than that with a family inherited droopy eyes and eyelids. Eyelid Surgery Houston searches can be done to fix your problems.

Insurance companies will not cover this procedure if it is cosmetic but should it be corrective, you may prove that your vision is affected and they could reconsider. The eyelids sag due to the loss of elasticity in skin as we age plus the constant pull of gravity causes excessive skin to gather on both upper and lower eyelids. These cause the impairment of vision and for the lower eyelids, wrinkles and bulges. The surgery in an clinic such as Pars Plastic Surgery, is a two hour procedure and while word is people use local anesthesia, do not worry for we take all our surgeries seriously. An intravenous sedative shall be administered for a painless beautification process. The advice we give is you come with a driver to ferry you home and get your friends, family or colleagues to keep you company as you recover at home.

Supplies required by eyelid surgery Houston clinics include ice packs or ice cubes and a string of over the counter painkillers. These can be prescribed by your doctor and we shall also be careful to prescribe eye-drops that will function as tears for lubrication and rejuvenation of the sensitive membranes in the eyes. Remember to avoid blood thinning medication like aspirin and as such stick to your physician’s advice on medication. The obvious don’ts are avoiding makeup as the incisions that were made will be infected plus not to mention, the stitches from the surgery will make it rather unpleasant to have layers of powder or talcum. You will have the option of dissolving sutures but should you wish otherwise, make your views known and we will satisfy you.

Pars Plastic Surgery assures you that the procedure itself is a rather simple. The risks and benefits will be discussed in detail at your visit with the doctor. The age limits are mostly academic with medical history the determining factor and with our qualified associative physicians, you will have a regime tailored for you to make sure your surgery ends like all our other previous ones; successful from the surgeon and beautiful for the patient. Dr.Amjadi is one of the best plastic surgeons in houston texas offering blepharoplasties. Feel free to contact us for a checkup and even consultancy so as to advise your needs and any accompanying actions that could make you beautiful and vibrant for a long time.

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