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Face Lift Surgery Recovery Time

June 2, 2015

Face lift surgeries usually don’t take more than a couple hours and the patient is normally sent home shortly after. Because it is such a short period between surgery and home the patient will want to arrange a ride because they will be unsafe to drive due to the anesthesia. This is just a precaution and to keep everyone safe it would be best if the patient has help getting home. Once home recovery for a face lift surgery is not as long as most other surgeries.

For the first few days the patient will be bandaged and will want to keep their head elevated. The surgery can cause some swelling and redness and keeping the head elevated can reduce this effect. Because there is swelling the patient may experience some discomfort and will be prescribed pain medications to alleviate the discomfort. The patient should not move their face in strenuous ways such as changing facial expressions. Though it is good not to baby the area they should not exercise the face until it is fully healed to prevent tearing of the skin. In some cases a tube may be placed in around the ear to collect any drainage. This will prevent blood clots from forming and the tube will be removed in the follow up appointment. For the first few days the patient will probably be told to avoid getting their face wet. The area should be kept dry to allow for proper healing. A follow up appointment will be scheduled and should be kept and attended. In this appointment the doctor will check for any abnormalities in the healing process. If all is well they will more than likely remove any tubes and bandages.

After the follow up the patient will still more than likely need pain medication and should continue to do so as prescribed or as needed. Though the doctor may allow the face to be cleaned now they will probably suggest to keep hot air such as hair driers away from the area. The full recovery is usually a little over a week and in that time the user may find it difficult to perform basic tasks such as cooking and cleaning. If the patient feels they might need help they should ask a friend or family member. If they find it difficult to do basic tasks they should not try to attempt more difficult ones.

When scheduling a surgery it is a good idea to take at least a week off of work to allow sufficient time for recovery. Sometimes recovery can take less time depending on the severity of the surgery. An endoscopic face lift for example only requires a couple days of healing time. Your doctor will let you know the estimated time of recovery for your specific surgery. In the time of recovery it is important to follow all rules given completely. Altering the healing process can cause risk of infection and increase healing time necessary. It is also important to take all medications provided and apply or take them accordingly.

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