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Male Buttock Augmentation

September 7, 2015

Many people think that only women can feel self-conscious by flat, underdeveloped or unshapely buttocks, but every day more men consult a plastic surgeon to undergo a buttock augmentation. If a man isn't satisfied with the form or size of his buttock, his self-esteem may be affected.

In some cases, a man can get the buttock that he desires with exercise, but in other cases no matter how many exercises he does, the buttock remains small in relation with the rest of the body.

Who is an ideal patient for a Male Buttock Augmentation?

Male buttock augmentation is indicated for a man who wishes his butt to have more volume and shape, who dislikes the way his butt looks in slacks or jeans, or who feels as though his butt is too flat, small or disproportioned to the rest of the body.

Men with an alteration of their self-confidence and self-esteem can greatly improve those problems; they may feel better with themselves using pants, jeans or swimming trunks.

What are the pre-operative cares for a Male Buttock Augmentation?

The patient should select a qualified plastic surgeon with experience; during the first consultation they should discuss the best treatment options according to the desired outcomes and the patient's body. The surgeon will ask for a complete medical record, including current medication. He/she will decide if it is necessary to adjust it. Likewise, the patient should avoid taking aspirin or ibuprofen before the procedure.

The surgeon will take pictures to compare with the results. The patient should stop smoking at least two weeks before the procedure, and he should be in fast the day of the surgery.

What are the different techniques for Male Buttock Augmentation?

Currently, there is a variety of male buttock augmentation techniques, but the most common are fat transfer and butt implants.

What is the general procedure of Fat Transfer for Male Buttock Augmentation?

It is the most common technique of male buttock augmentation; this is because its results are more natural, which makes it an ideal way to improve the shape and appearance of the buttock. Likewise, using the patient’s own fat has less chance of rejection compared with silicone implants.

In this technique, the plastic surgeon removes the patient's own fat through liposuction. Usually, the fat is taken from the back, abs, thighs, and arms or any area of the body with excessive fatty deposits. This is an additional benefit for the patient because the fat is removed from the donor site, which improves even more the body's contour.

After that, the fat is processed, purified, and injected into the buttocks, this allows to enhance the butt volume and lift it. This procedure is safe, long-lasting and offers natural looking results; however, some men don't have enough fat to obtain through liposuction, in those cases, it is recommended to use implants. Another disadvantage is that some patients can get poor results or might need a second treatment to get the desired results.

What is the general procedure of Buttock Implants for Male Buttock Augmentation?

This technique is recommended in those patients with not enough fat to undergo a fat transfer. The patient should choose, along with the plastic surgeon the size and shape of the implants to obtain the desired results. These implants are similar to those used in pectoral implants for men; they won’t break or leak and feel comfortable enough while sitting.

This is a major procedure, so the patient is under general anesthesia during the surgery, and it requires approximately 2 to 3 hours.

In this technique, the plastic surgeon makes an incision, the least visible as possible and depending on the type of implant. The silicone implant is inserted over or under the gluteal muscles on each side. To end the surgeon closes the incisions with sutures.

This technique has the advantage of giving immediately visible and permanent results. However, it has the disadvantage of being more difficult, more painful postoperatively speaking, with the possibility of complications, and the results are less natural due to the presence of a foreign body.

What are the postoperative cares of a Male Buttock Augmentation?

After the procedure, the plastic surgeon may recommend the use of a compression garment on the butt. This promotes healing and avoids the displacement of the implants (if they were used). The patient should avoid sitting approximately during three weeks, this may prolong the absorption of fat, increase soreness, or displace the implants.

The patient should rest for two weeks, but he has to take time walking around in the house (this to keep the blood circulation flowing properly and avoid complications). However, an adult should take care of the patient the first days, and help him with the chores. The patient may feel sore and tender after any of both procedures. Intense exercise is prohibited during one month or more.

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