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Cost of Plastic Surgery in Houston

September 28, 2015

Cosmetic Surgery is a trend which is rampantly becoming popular. In plastic surgery both surgical and non-surgical options are included whose ultimate aim is to reshape various structures of the body. As a consequence, not only the appearance improves but also one’s self-esteem. Generally those candidates are ideal for cosmetic surgery who are physically as well as emotionally healthy, having a positive outlook towards life. Moreover, generally plastic surgery isn’t covered by health insurance since it is mostly elective in nature. Individual costs of these procedures vary depending upon the complexity of the procedure and the expertise required for it. Given below are some common cosmetic surgery procedures and their tentative costs in Houston.

However, one must always remember that these costs are only estimated ones; since it may vary from individual case to individual case. Moreover, many factors are responsible for these varying costs, for instance the plastic surgeon’s fees, the anesthesiologist’s fees, and the fees of the operating room. Of course, the final cost is determined by how long you stay in the operating room and what the doctor advises. Moreover, generally these tentative costs also include vitamins, garments and an overnight stay. The actual cost however, can only be determined after an actual examination by the doctor depending upon the intricacies of your individual case.

Plastic Surgery Procedures and their costs

There are a number of cosmetic surgery procedures-for men and women alike.

Female Plastic Surgery Options

Breast procedures

Body and Arm Sculpting


Fat grafting

Male Plastic Surgery Options


Waist Contouring



There are a number of other cosmetic surgery procedures as well which are overlapping-i.e. both men and women equally benefit from these. For instance there is blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, chemical peels, micro abrasion, Botox treatments etc. Other laser procedures can also be categorized under this broad umbrella term of cosmetic surgeries.

Breast Procedures

Breast procedures include a whole array of surgeries such as breast augmentation in which you may go for an increase in the size of your breast or its restoration with the help of silicone gel implants, saline implants or fat transfer. The starting price for this surgery is $5500 to $7000. You may have to pay an additional $1200 for silicone implants.

Another type of cosmetic surgery is that of breast lift in which breasts are raised and firmed by the removal of excessive skin. The estimated starting cost for this surgery is $6500 - $7500.

There is another surgical procedure which is contrary to that of breast augmentation. Breast reduction can help to decrease the size your breasts. Its tentative cost is $7500.

Body and Arm Sculpting

Plastic surgery can help in the firming of your body. It defines your muscles and tightens them up so that your body has a sculpted look. The approximate price range for body lift starts from $13000, that for thigh lift starts from $8000 and the price for arm lift is estimated to start from $6000.


Liposuction is done in both men and women. In women, it is generally performed on the arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. On the other hand, on men it is usually carried out on the chest, abdomen and flanks. For women, the cost from liposuction starts from $4,900 while that for men starts from $5,500.

There is a special type of cosmetic surgery for men known as Gynecomastia. In this surgical procedure, excessive pectoral muscles are removed from the chest which might be deposited due to steroids or other such reasons. The opening cost of this surgery is approximated to start from $5500.

Waistline contouring

Cosmetic surgery can also tighten and contour your waistline effectively. The tentative cost for this surgery is also $5500.

Facial Rejuvenation

Facelift is an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery in both men and women. Face lift mainly includes a cheek lift and a neck lift. Sagging skin is taken care of in this procedure and there is re-surfacing of the skin so that all excessive wrinkles are cleared away. The estimated price for facelift is $9000 and up.

Forehead lift is generally separate from face lift and costs $4000 and up.

Blepharoplasty or the surgery for eye lids ranges from $3000 to $4000.

Ear shaping or ear lobe repairing can also be carried out with the help of plastic surgery. This surgical procedure is called as Otoplasty. It starts from $3800 and goes up depending on individual cases.

Rhinoplasty is another very common and popular cosmetic surgery. Nose reshaping/nose job is done for both aesthetic and medical purposes and it costs around $6500 to $8000.

Your top most layer of skin can be peeled away to expose refreshed and rejuvenated skin. This process costs almost $650.

Botox Treatment

Botox injections are now being readily taken. These minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are growing more and more popular since they give you a healthier and more natural appearance without leaving behind any bruises or without taking any long time to recover. There are other injections as well which are similar to Botox such as Drysport and Xeomin. The costs for these injections differ. You could get an injection for either $350 or $650 or $825.

Laser Procedures

Laser treatments are also being rampantly deployed in cosmetic surgeries.

Laser can be used to get rid of birth mark and age spots. This costs $350 and up.

Laser can also resurface your facial area. The estimated cost for this procedure is $4000.

Laser can also take care of sclerotherapy or spider veins at a cost of $400 per treatment.

Scar revision can also be done with the help of laser. This laser procedure can reduce or eliminate the appearance of your scars at a cost of $400 and up.

Given above are some tentative costs for various surgical procedures in Houston. However having said this, you ought to remember that this price list is NOT the final one and that the costs for these surgeries may vary from case to case and from doctor to doctor.

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