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Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation

December 10, 2015

The decision to undergo a breast augmentation is a particularly personal one. Nobody should undergo a breast augmentation for other people, whether to capture their attention or earn their love. Breast augmentation is becoming an increasingly common surgery for women to undergo, but the decision to do so should remain completely in the hands of the individual. While the “au naturale” look is timelessly beautiful in its own right, there are a number of reasons why people choose to have a breast augmentation.

It is no secret that there is no dream workout that will make your breasts larger, fuller, or perkier. Your breasts are the one part of your body that you cannot alter or enhance by exercising. While many women do embrace the body they have been given, many others are unhappy with their breasts for a multitude of reasons. Some reasons for breast augmentation may stem from societal pressure, or a “bigger is better” mentality. However, many women have suffered through medical conditions, mastectomies, breast abnormalities or deformities, and breast asymmetry that have resulted in them feeling like breast augmentation surgery is the right choice for them. Even for women who are choosing to go bigger because they want to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem recognize that breast augmentation provides an immediate, customizable, and lasting solution for what they want to change about themselves.

One reason for women to consider breast augmentation is if they have asymmetrical breasts. It is perfectly natural to have asymmetrical breasts. In fact, it is unreasonable to expect your body to be perfectly proportional – it’s just not possible. However, many women may consider the asymmetry obvious enough that they choose to surgically correct it. Breast augmentation can enhance one breast in order to better match the other, or both breasts can be augmented to eventually be the same size. Breast augmentation is a permanent and lasting solution which could alternatively be improved with bra liners to supplement the size of the smaller breast.

Another aspect that is considered for breast augmentation is that it can surgically correct the appearance of abnormal breasts due to other medical or physical conditions. Some women may feel overwhelmed or held back by their physical differences which serve as a constant reminder of the condition or abnormality they have battled. Breast augmentation surgery can help alleviate these physical concerns and allow a woman to choose the shape and size of her new chest, giving her an option to reduce or remove the appearance of any irregularity or abnormality that occurred due to a medical condition.

It is common for new mothers to undergo breast augmentation surgery in order to enhance their now sagging, less voluminous breasts. Childbirth takes a toll on a woman’s body, and unfortunately there is no exercise or physical regimen that can enhance the volume of a woman’s breasts. Breast augmentation allows women to get their “pre-mommy” body back and to improve any sagging or volume decrease that occurred as a result of pregnancy. It is not uncommon for new mothers to be delighted with their larger breasts during breastfeeding, only to be disappointed when they lose the baby weight and go back to their original cup size. For them, breast augmentation is a permanent reversion to the cup size of their choosing.

Another reason for women to consider breast augmentation is for sagging breasts due to aging. Chest sagging is a natural occurrence as people age, and it occurs in both men and women. Sagging is the result of a combination of aging and gravity, among other reasons such as poor bra support or weak and underdeveloped chest muscles. Breast augmentation lifts and enhances sagging breasts by giving the breasts a fuller and more youthful appearance.

A major reason that women consider breast augmentation is that they have what they consider to be small breasts. They simply want bigger breasts, but there are many facets to the decision to enhance the size of their breasts. Many women like the physical look of a bigger cup size and want to “fill out” their bra a little more or want their clothes to fit them better. On the other hand, many women suffer from low self-esteem because of their cup size. They believe that having larger breasts will not only enhance their cup size, but enhance their self-confidence and how they view themselves. Body image is an important factor of one’s view of oneself, and feeling badly about your appearance may lead to depression, a feeling of worthlessness or helplessness, and low self-esteem. Breast augmentation surgery is an immediate solution for a woman to choose her cup size and directly improve her self-confidence.

Our society has long focused on the idea that “bigger is better,” and this often leads women to feel like they are not good enough if they don’t have the biggest everything – hair, lips, breasts, butt. This is a cultural phenomenon that will likely stick around for at least a few more generations, but the emphasis on breast augmentation procedures should be that they are personal decisions that women take to feel better about themselves, simply for themselves. If a woman is unhappy with something physical about herself, it has become increasingly easy to change many facets of your face and body with both surgical and non-surgical procedures. There is no shame in pursuing something that will make you truly happier and feel better about yourself. The most important thing is that this decision is made solely for you, and not because of undue pressure or coercion from someone like a romantic partner or general society. Every woman has a right to feel beautiful - whatever beautiful means to her.

If you decide that breast augmentation is right for you, and you have clearly weighed the surgical and non-surgical alternatives, you should consult with a medical professional to understand the risks and benefits associated with such a procedure. Be sure to research your potential surgeons to ensure they are fully accredited, reputable, and experienced in the specific surgery you want.

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