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April 28, 2015

The State of the Union address is one of the most eagerly awaited speeches in any president’s tenure mostly because it lets them know what gets precedence and his thoughts of the work done and yet to be done. The state of plastic surgery feels like one such address as it has not only grown from being a western taboo but now a global icon. Doctors are no longer practicing medicine to save lives as much as they would knowing full well the rewards lie elsewhere. The money in plastic surgery is astronomical and considering most people pick careers to build their lives, we do not blame those that seek to make a better living for themselves and their families.

Michael Jackson was considered the flagship plastic surgery patient after he changed his skin color from chocolate brown to white chocolate. The more glamorous years of his life followed the procedure but it would soon turn into a nightmare. He kept having parts of his body affected by the sun and other conditions meaning plastic surgery continued to bear the brunt of a society that adored the King of Pop. This was counterproductive as it also meant doctors went to seek perfection in this form of medicine and soon they ironed out the kinks in cosmetic surgery. Michael Jackson paid the price for a thriving plastic surgery industry today. He went on to experience stigma and among other mental and emotional conditions, met his death in the controversial manner with his doctor standing trial.

Trial was completed and justice served as cosmetic surgery went on to address body parts people never knew could be altered. It is no longer limited to liposuction, nose jobs, boob jobs and the likes but now there is even blepharoplasty; surgery of the upper eyelid. It is no longer just to repair the damaged tissue and worn out body parts but now it has become a rejuvenation process. People get plastic surgery to get a new lease of life either by feeling more beautiful, younger or even more sexually objectified. This has become clear with boob jobs and butt lifts the major procedures women from white backgrounds are undertaking to seek parity with the blacks and Latinas. Weight loss treatment has also seen liposuction and nip tucks gain popularity as not only ways to help post pregnancy mothers but also to save an increasingly obese society.

Facial jobs are also a cosmetic yet corrective side of plastic surgery exploited the world over. It allows for the face, the interface humans use for presentation, to be its best form and thus allowing the chance for the body to be considered for sexual or even interactive purposes. The boom of the bass or bun culture promoted by artists like Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor that advocate for women to be comfortable in their own skin as it is the eventual archetypal wife and mother for genetic superiority has also pushed the previously model inclined world to accept the new sex symbol is more rather than less. Plastic surgery is at its highest stock now and unlike the real estate industry, does not seem like it will sink any time soon.

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