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What to Expect After a Breast Reduction Procedure

April 24, 2015

Breast reduction is mostly done by women (and men) that need to feel more comfortable and confident about themselves. When done out of free will and with a clear mind, it is known to make patients to feel better about their bodies and a chance to change their appearance. Medical procedures always have their good side, which is to get better, and the bad side which involve side-effects or negative effects. This is usually dependent on if the patient got a good surgeon for the procedure, for example like breast augmentation Houston surgeons. There are some things or effects one can expect after a breast reduction.

  1. Healing Period Rules and Instructions: Once the reduction has been successfully completed and the doctor has released you to go home, you will notice that your chest area will be adequately wrapped in bandages. This may feel like an obstacle but it is very important so as to avoid your scar from being infected or getting wet (like when taking a shower). It is important that you keep this bandage in place according to the surgeon’s instructions. The surgeon will inform you to avoid sharp movements, excessive bending or lifting heavy objects. This is for the purpose of keeping the breasts well in place as they heal and to avoid your stiches from coming undone.
  2. Numbness or no feeling around the breasts or nipple area: With every procedure that involves surgery, you will note that the area treated can be numb and breasts are no exception. You will note the numbness will last for weeks or months, but this can sometimes be a permanent effect. You must inform the doctor during your follow-up visits so they can determine if it is a risk, but for the most part, it is usually normal.
  3. Nipple unevenness is Possible: Breast reduction means ‘moving things around’. This means that your nipple area will move according to the procedure done on your breasts. Depending on the procedure, there is a chance your nipples may be uneven after the procedure and healing process. Most qualified surgeons will ensure that they are even during the procedure.
  4. Scars will be there: The incision done by the doctor, like the breast augmentation Houston surgeons would do, can be in an area that can be hidden with a bra or innerwear. Scars are expected and will fade over time. At first you will see the area is red, swollen and uncomfortable but a good procedure ensures that this will pass.
  5. Changes in Wardrobe and Body: Once the healing is done and it is time to show off your new body, you will note that most tops will not fit as before. You will, in fact, need a new wardrobe to match your new body. Psychologically, you will feel different and it can sometimes affect you. However, talking to your doctor or a counselor can sort that right out over time. At the end of it all, you will feel more confident, better about yourself and embrace the new breast size.

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