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Buttock Augmentation: Implants vs Fat Grafting

November 10, 2015


Buttock augmentation is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon, particularly with people who are thin and have flat hips. There are two options available when it comes to buttock augmentation. Although both these cosmetic procedures are being performed, however they differ from each other in a lot of ways. Before moving on to these types, it is vital that one first understands what buttock augmentation actually is.

Buttock augmentation can claim various benefits to its name. Some of these benefits are listed below:

The projection of your buttocks is improved.

The roundness and fullness is enhanced.

You will notice a considerable improvement in the balance of your figure.

As a consequence of this bodily change, you will notice an improvement in your self-esteem and confidence as well.

What buttock augmentation basically does is that it enhances the shape, size and overall appearance of your buttocks. Your rear end is artificially enhanced by implanting fat so that your butt not only increases in size but becomes shapelier and thus more sensuous. These implants which are carried out in buttock augmentation are generally categorized into two types. One of these is fat grafting and the other is silicone implants.

What is buttock augmentation with fat grafting?

Fat grafting or fat transfer is also usually known as Brazilian butt lift. In this form of surgery, liposuction is deployed to remove fats from various parts of the patient’s body such as his/her thigh, hips, abdomen and back. As a result of this procedure, you end up with rounder, younger and perkier buttocks. Your body profile becomes much more sensuous. You are the ideal candidate for buttock augmentation with fat transfer if you have sagging or flat buttocks which are asymmetrical.

What is buttock augmentation with silicone implants?

In this type of buttock augmentation, the butt is enhanced with the help of gel-based silicone implants and at times water-based implants. The person’s own body fat is not utilized in this form of cosmetic procedure. Just like fat transfer, the ideal candidate for these butt implants is also someone with flat buttocks who wants a perkier and a youthful, sensuous rear profile.

What is the procedure of fat grafting?

There are various techniques being practiced by plastic surgeons across the globe for this type of buttock augmentation. Since it makes use of the person’s own body fat, therefore it is a completely natural process.

First of all fat is extracted with the help of liposuction.

Then this fat is processed by centrifugation and decanting.

Eventually, this fat is injected into the back of your buttocks.

What is the procedure of Butt implants?

In this procedure, either gel-based/water-based silicone implants are used or solid ones. The gel-based and water-based ones are quite controversial and there is a major risk factor associated with them. On the other hand the solid one looks quite natural. These implants can also be custom-made, in order to cater to the patient’s demands and wishes. An incision is made in the butt cheek and this implant is then placed between the butt muscles. The incision has to be made with care so that it doesn’t leave any ugly scars behind.

What is the risk factor in fat grafting?

Buttock augmentation with fat transfer is a completely natural process since it makes use of the patients’ own body fat, which is extracted by liposuction, processed and then injected again into the patient’s rear end. Owing to this factor, the risk factor in this cosmetic procedure is negligible or minimal. This particular fact is the major reason behind the rampant popularity of this cosmetic procedure. The fat is placed in very small threads in order to aid its survival. Consequently, your butt tissue remains soft and natural.

Also, you might be subjected to lots of injections during this cosmetic procedure.

What is the risk factor in Silicone implants?

Previously, gel-based or water-based silicone implants were used for buttock augmentation. These implants can be very risky. If any of them ruptures then this silicone gel might travel anywhere is your body and result in ugly consequences. Water-based implants, on the other hand, are not so dangerous however they too can rupture if the buttocks are subjected to excessive strain. The implant technology is rapidly progressing and now much safer methods have been introduced. However, the procedure is still limited. It requires extensive surgery. As a corollary the probability of infections and complications in healing automatically increases.

Also, you would end up with a scar in your buttock region after the culmination of this cosmetic procedure.

What is the limiting factor in fat grafting?

The probability of potential complications in this type of cosmetic procedure is comparatively lower, however, the amount of fat present in one’s body that can be transferred to the buttocks is a major limiting factor.

What is the limiting factor in Silicone Implants?

An important limiting factor in buttock augmentation with the help of implants is the extensive amount of surgery required in this procedure. As a consequence, problems related to the healing of wounds may arise. There is a high risk of infection and other complications in this type of surgery. There are possible risks involved in this surgery such as the accumulation of fluid around the implant etc.

What is the final word?

Both fat grafting and Silicone implants are used by plastic surgeons all over the world for buttock augmentation. Fat grafting is perhaps the most common one. However, silicone implants are equally popular if done by an experienced and skillful surgeon. Before deciding which procedure would work the best for you, it is recommended that you visit your surgeon. The surgeon can advise you about which method would work the best for you, keeping in view your individual condition and expectations from the surgery. However, the most important factor upon which the success of your surgery is dependent is your choice of surgeon. An experienced surgeon and an informed decision can help you end up with a fuller and sensuous profile.

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