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Top Cosmetic Procedures For Men

September 19, 2015

Beauty and youth are cherished and prized by all-men and women alike. Many men who end up in a plastic surgeon’s chair complain that they are exercising well, eating well and doing all sorts of things which a healthy regime requires; still they don’t look as good as they want to or as healthy as they feel. This is where cosmetic surgery comes in.

These patients might simply want to look good and attractive. Others might want to stay competitive in the job market and continue going up the corporate ladder by looking younger, fit, and healthier. No matter what their individual motivations might be, cosmetic surgery has rampantly grown popular within men. In fact, statistics given by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ASAPS claim that between the years 2000 to 2005, there has been a tremendous escalation in the number of minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries done for men, measuring up to 44%. ASAPS also asserts that between the years 1997 to 2012, the number of cosmetic surgeries carried out on men grew by 106%.

What are the most popular cosmetic surgeries for men?

According to statistics given by ASAPS in 2012, the top 5 most popular male cosmetic surgery options were as follows.

1. Nose Reshaping- 62,000
2. Eyelid Surgery-29,000
3. Liposuction-23,000
4. Breast Reduction in men-21,000
5. Facelift-12,000

Simultaneously Botox has topped the list of most popular minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries, owing to a dramatic boom in its popularity.

Why are these surgeries popular?

This question can be aptly answered by having a look at the four types of patients who generally come to plastic surgeons.

1. Male Model

One of them is the male model. This patient would be looking for jawline augmentation conjugated with pectoral and gluteal implants. Moreover, in order to show off his abs, he might opt for hi-def. liposuction as well.

2. Body Builder

The next type of patient seeking cosmetic surgery would be a body builder. This type wants to look big and so they want big glutes and big chests. However, though they want to go big, they also want everything to be muscularly defined. Another common type of plastic surgery which is carried out for such patients is the Gynecomastia. In this afore-mentioned surgical process, all those fatty tissues which get deposited around the chest region owing to frequent intake of steroids are removed.

3. CEO

The third type is that successful, ambitious man who wants to continue going up the corporate ladder by staying young, healthy and competitive. These patients might already be at the summit point of their career. This success endows them with confidence and vitality but they are bothered by the fact that they don’t look as young and confident as they feel and so cosmetic surgery becomes their messiah. Dr. Douglas Steinbrech who is a plastic surgeon based in Manhattan, insists on leaving behind a little bit of fine wrinkles for this particular kind of patient since he believes that they not only look sexy but they also give you that trustworthy and experienced appearance which your position demands.

For such patients, Dr. Steinbrech has devised a particular type of cosmetic surgery which he fondly calls as ‘Forbes Facelift’. This facelift includes the contouring of jawline, eyelift and neck lift. At times, depending upon the individual conditions, it might include liposuction as well.

4. Athletic Dads

The fourth type is that of athletic dad and interestingly it is the most popular one. It is a sort of ‘daddy-do over’ for dads who are in their 30s or 40s and who look back and reminisce about how good and young they looked in college. For such patients, generally some liposuction, jawline contouring and a small eye lift is required.
Keeping in view all these four popular types of male patients who seek cosmetic surgery options, one might be able to infer that liposuction, eye-lid surgery or Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), jawline contouring, gynecomastia ( removal of breast tissue) and otoplasty ( reshaping of ear) are the most popular kinds of cosmetic surgery options being embarked upon by men these days.

Liposuction also saw a credible rise of 10% from 2004 to 2005. Generally what men desire to get rid of with the help of liposuction is the ‘spare tire’. This colloquial term refers to the excessive fat accumulated in abdomen, upper flanks and the lower back

The Popularity of Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have become much more popular within men and there are a number of factors which are responsible for this popularity.
Probably the primary motivating factor behind this increasing popularity is the fact that such cosmetic procedures do not leave behind much bruising in their wake. Moreover, their recovery timings are not very lengthy and this is also a major reason which accounts for their rampantly increasing demand. The President PS, Dr. Richard D’Amico said in this context that generally men want to return to their jobs and work as soon as possible and thus minimally invasive cosmetic procedures appear to them as a feasible option.


Statistics from ASPS also reflect that the number of Botox treatments went up the scale by 233% during the years 2000 to 2005. The primary factor behind this mainstream acceptance of Botox is the fact that it endows the patient with a rejuvenated yet natural look. Furthermore, many doctors have mastery of this technique and thus the patients don’t end up looking frozen. Obviously, you want your peers to envy you because of your rested, refreshed, healthy and youthful looks. You want them to think that you are eating and doing things in a right way. You certainly don’t want them to wonder where you got that badly done Botox from.

If you are thinking of getting any of these popular cosmetic surgeries, it is recommended that you primarily seek a licensed plastic surgeon who has been certified by the board. ASAPS has a very useful tool called ‘find-a-surgeon’. This tool can help you make a wise and safe choice.

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